My longest record of smiling continuously is two days. Non stop bliss and happiness for two days, continuously! It was during the festival of Holi . Yes, you guessed it right, somebody mixed some extra dose of bhang in my thandai!! :)

(What’s your record of non stop continuous happiness?)

Unfortunately it’s not possible to have bhang every other day of my life. The ups & downs of life is a reality that we all have to struggle with.

However, we all strive for happiness either consciously or subconsciously all the time, right? Happiness is a serious business and Aristotle goes on to say that it’s the purpose of life.

Yes, I have been researching and pursuing happiness very seriously. Along the way, I have been able to dramatically expand my perception, unlearn a lot and changed the way I live my life.

health wealth relationships happinessI have been writing on personal finance for quite a while and found out that wealth is just one component of our happiness. The other important components are health and relationships.

hAPPinesswala is about how to create your personal happiness plan. It’s a project to understand the happiness code and share it with you. After all, sharing is happiness too!

hAPPinesswala is about optimizing happiness in each of the components mentioned above! But if I have to summarize,

hAPPinesswala is about how to be the best possible version of ourselves.

Enter, the hAPPinessWala Album

One interesting way you can start that journey towards being the best version of yourself is by creating your personalized hAPPinessWala Album.

The hAPPinesswala album diary is a unique gift of love to yourself. And your loved ones.  The album diary will help you to be happy in the present moment and be the best version of yourself on a long term basis. The happiness benefits of the album can be instant or long term or both.

Things we believe at hAPPinesswala:

  • We believe that if we're happy, we're bound to be successful. In other words, success would be the by-product of happiness.  Not the other way around where happiness is a by product of success and people will be happy only when they are successful.
  • The mindless pursuit of happiness is not good.
  • Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.
  • Life has both good and bad experiences. But we have a choice what to make out from those experiences. We have a choice to be the best version of ourselves.

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Invitation to join this hAPPinessWala journey

We invite you to share your personal happiness dreams and wishlists. You can also write about products and services that has brought happiness in your life. If you can write 400-1000 words on

  • what will you do if  you are granted a wish to be the happiest person on this planet
  • what negative habits have you kicked up
  • what good habits have you learnt and how
  • what happiness products and services that you recommend.

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